Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Anti-Putin blogger will probably be tried soon in Russia for "corruption"

The Washington Post has aggressively covered the arrest and prosecution of “anti-Putin” blogger Alexei Navalny in Russia.  The official charges involve some sort of business corruption or embezzlement, nut journalists believe he has been targeted for prosecution because of his effectiveness as an “anti-corruption” blogger.  Ironically, what he is accused of (in a Post story April 17) would be a form of corruption.  
Kehty Layy has a detailed story on p A12 of the Wednesday April 17 Post.  A more updated version, noting the postponement of the trial, is here.
Russia has also attracted notoriety in recent months for a law that prohibits “promoting homosexuality”, partly because Russia has serious problems with low birthrates.  What would happen if a well-known gay blogger traveled to Russia, since his writings could be found on the web there?

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