Monday, March 4, 2013

Obama rebufs Rodman's visit to North Korea

Does Dennis Rodman’s visit to North Korea, because its leadership likes hoops, mean anything?  Supposedly high Communist party officials attended a basketball game. 

The White House is reported to be irked, that the DPNK would play games with more macho American sports celebrities while allowing its own people to starve and punishing whole families for generations (up to three) for the political sins of one person.  (Anderson Cooper covered the “family punishment” on AC360 tonight.)
The ESPN story (Disney) is here.

Does the visit mean that Un is maybe a little less threatening with his testing of nuclear weapons, and reports of miniaturizing them so they could possibly reach the Pacific Northwest?

Hard to say. However, On Piers Morgan on CNN Monday night, Dan Rather said that any opening from any public American to North Korea could mean progress and retreat from danger, and Piers tended to agree. 
Kim Jong Un supposed to have shown his bluster now.  He is reported to want President Obama to call him. 
A possible EMP threat to the US northwest some day from North Korea should not be ignored. 

News reports have mentioned at least one American being held in North Korean gulag. 

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