Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Did the Soviets really increase their missile threat during the Cuban Missile Crisis? Or were Kennedy (and Johnson and McNamara) warmongers?

President Kennedy exploited the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 for his own political advantage, according to an article (:The Real Cuban Missile Crisis”) on p. 73 of the January/February 2013 Atlantic, p. 73, by Benjamin Schwarz, link here

The US still had enormous superiority over the Soviets at the time, but the biggest danger for annihilation came from submarine-launched missiles, not from, Cuba, according to the article.  The missiles in Cuba would have taken hours to launch. 

The article takes the position that Kennedy actually increased the risk of nuclear Armageddon.  Later, Johnson would use the Gulf of Tonkin and the domino theory to drag young men into the war in Vietnam. 

I had reported on the National Archives exhibit on the Crisis Oct. 22, 2012.  The exhibit has also been shown at Oak Ridge, TN.
A PBS documentary “The Man Who Saved the World”, reviewed on the TV blog Oct. 23, 2012, shows that the Soviets had the ability to destroy the IS with Atlantic submarines (massing at the time of Kennedy’s quarantine), which totally eclipsed the missile battery in Cuba.  

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