Sunday, February 3, 2013

Russian government tries to throttle volunteers, even as ordinary Russians "step up"; what about China?

In a story by Will Englund and Kathy Lally, the Washington Post is reporting that the post-Communist Russian government still opposes volunteerism, and thinks that the state should organize things.  The link for the front page story Sunday February 3, 2013 is here.  Volunteers even met resistance fighting the peat fires during the heat wave in 2010. Nevertheless, the story reports that “in Russia, volunteers step up”, link here

The Russian parliament is even including a law to bringing volunteering under the purview of the government.  That would be like having Whitman-Walker or Food and Friends being government agencies.

Soviet style communism encouraged the idea that the state could take care of everything, and that people didn’t need to do things for one another.
It would be interesting to compare to past examples of Chinese communism and Maoism, where it seems that the experience (as during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s) of forced peasantry or of becoming a “prole” could be quite personal. 

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