Monday, January 21, 2013

US snubs Internet treaty of WCIT; Post applauds decision

The Washington Post has an editorial today complementing the United States for refusing to sign a United Nations treaty that would allow authoritarian countries to censor Internet content. The editorial is called “Keeping the Internet Free”, here.

Under current arrangement, governance of domain names by ICANN runs under contract with the United States Department of Commerce.  

Bloomgberg has called the WCIT the “SOPA that wasn’t”, here.

The Post also has a column today by Jared Genser, “Inside Pyongyang’s gulags”, about the way the North Korean government punishes whole families for two or three generations for the dissent of one member.  The government even speaks of “the seeds of bad families”.   North Korea is still the most visible example today of where an ideology of making sure that everyone is brought equally low can lead.  

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