Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Obama's war" means continuing rendition, holding terror suspects overseas without due process

Craig Whitlock has a disturbing story in the Washington Post about the process of “extreme rendition” (without an interrogator as nice as actor Jake Gyllenhaal or a boss like Jodie Foster) continues overseas under the Obama administration, a carryover from Bush.  Terror suspects are held without charge (maybe treatment not so physical as in New Line’s movie) in Djibouti, after a happenstance arrest.  In the case in the story, two are Swedes and one is a Birt. The administration's behavior appears to violate due process. 

Also, grand jury proceedings to indict suspects are held in secret.

The link for the Post story is here

The Obama administration says it is thwarted by Congress in trying to close Guantanamo (go all the way back to the 1992 film "A Few Good Men").
I wonder how likely it is that an average citizen could be called for grand jury on a matter like this, or to a terror trial (here in northern VA, we’re not far from the Alexandria federal district court where many are held -- see picture Feb. 16, 2011).  It could certainly lead to long term jury sequestration (and down with blogs). 

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