Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Grandmothers keep order in China as Communist Party changes government; outages

A story by William Wan in the Washington Post, Monday November 12, 2012, describes the extensive security in Beijing as China prepares for a “change of leadership” in its “Peoples Republic of Capitalism”.

The capital city is almost under martial law, but the government is also using “nanas” or older grandmothers to help keep order with a gentle touch.  It’s a sign of the extensive socialization in Chinese society.
The story link is here.

Google has experienced a major outage in China, apparently started by the government, which seems to be promoting its own Baidu, which it can control. Datamation (indeed a classic d.p. publication going back to the days of Perot) has a story here. I tried Baidu; it opens a new window for every search result.  

I don’t know how an American blogger could travel to China and stay connected on his own. 

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