Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Europe comes down on Google's combinatorial privacy policy

The EU has come down on Google regarding its integrated privacy policy, implemented last March. A front page story by Craig Timberg in the Washington Post outlines the concerns.  That story is “Europe calls for Google to be more transparent about data collection,” link (website url) here

There is a document where the EU lists its recommendations,here

The general concern seems to be the integration of applications and the possibility of using the same “personal” information against various services, including Analytics.  Yet, it seems to me that some of the concerns in the guidelines are met by Google’s application-specific passwords, which I personal found a bit clumsy to use (in the U.S.) 

The concerns would naturally be the greatest in countries with authoritarian governments, not in stable western countries.  

However, mishaps with private data could lead to hacks, particularly with customers who have linked all their data "in the Cloud" (Internet Safety blog Aug. 17, 2012).

Update: Oct. 20

Craig Timberg has video at the Washington Post explaining Europe's actions, here

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