Thursday, September 20, 2012

Iran will substitute Internet access with its own state-run service; flashpoint over its nukes is approaching

The “National Security” page of the Washington Post is reporting Thursday that Iran is preparing its own separate state-run Internet, which will be the only online service available to ordinary Iranians, who mostly use 56K dialup. 

This strategy is different from China, which is on the main Internet but heavily censors western sites (as well as internal political dissent).  It’s interesting how totalitarian states view that it is essential to control “ordinary people”  (especially those who are “different”) and keep them on a tether, to maintain stability.

The story by James Ball and Benjamin Gottlieb is here

In the meantime, the Obama administration is massing naval forces near the Strait of Hormuz, as tensions escalate over Israel’s threat of a pre-emptive strike to prevent Iran from being able to possess or make nuclear weapons, possibly meaning that it could pose an EMP threat in the region.  

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