Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Controversial film associated with protests is on YouTube, explained on Wikipedia

There’s more about the film (previous post).  It is simply called “Innocence of Muslims” and does not refer to destructive acts. (My comment in yesterday's post about the unprintable nature of the title was based on an inaccurate media identification of the title.) 

A typical YouTube trailer is here

Wikipedia now has an entry describing the film here.  I still do not see it on imdb. 

It was directed by Sam Bacile and runs an entire 120 minutes (so it is not a short, like “Submission”).

It appears that, at least at present, there are “free” versions of the full movie on YouTube broken into short segments.
The Israeli filmmaker, apparently also a real estate developer, is reported to have gone into hiding, according to an Associated Press story on “Entertainment Weekly”.  The link is here

The film has been described as "amateurish" in the media, despite subtitles in Arabic.

Later reports claim that the filmmaker is Egyptian and Coptic Christian.  The filmmaker had supposedly been under criminal charges that may have precluded his legal use of the Internet.  Supposedly 14 minutes of the film have been shown on Egyptian television.

There are reports that the Arabic subtitles and Twitter feeds have been deliberately manipulated.

There are reports that fundamentalist pastor Terry Jones has promoted the film. 

Some are comparing this to the Jyllands-Posten Cartoon Controversy in Denmark a few years ago.

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