Friday, September 7, 2012

Britain's Prince Harry will "pay his dues"; the news on Iran's nukes grows grim

Britain’s Prince Harry, having enjoyed his party in Las Vegas and swim with Lochte, will now “pay his dues” as Captain Harry Wales in a deployment in Afghanistan, sharing a small hut with another officer in the field.  He will fly helicopters but probably not contact individual Afghans.

In Britain, military service is a royal duty.  It’s rather like our own draft, with the logic of deferments reversed.

ABC News has a story by Lama Hasan.


The Wall Street Journal Friday had a detailed story about the latest concerns over the Iran nuclear program, “What we know about Iran’s nukes” , by Olli Heinonen and Dimon Henderson, here
The WSJ also had a major story on Israeli civil defense preparedness.  I saw no direct mention of EMP.

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