Sunday, July 29, 2012

Outbreak of Ebola virus in Uganda

The Associated Press is reporting (through The Washington Post, among other papers) that at least fourteen people in western Uganda have died from an outbreak of Ebola virus.  The story is here

Ebola hemorrhagic fever was the subject of Richard Preston’s “The Hot Zone”, as well as a major book by Laurie Garrett.  It does not spread through the air, but is apparently easily transmitted by fluids and objects.  The disease likely has a reservoir in other animals, especially a species of monkey. It's not reported to be spread by insects, but when I see a poster like the picture above in the Washington DC Metro, the "sci-fi scenario" runs through my mind.  

WHO, the World Health Organization, has a link on Ebola (a Global Alert and Response page) here

The US Army does research on Ebola at Fort Detrick, Frederick MD, where the official security containment protocols consider it more dangerous than HIV.

Later reports indicated that overt bleeding is not as prominent as usual as a symptom in this outbreak. 
Newsy Science has a YouTube video:

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