Saturday, July 14, 2012

Father arrest in Iran for content of overseas son's satirical blog

In Iran, authorities in the “Revolutionary Guard” are arresting parents for Internet posts ade my their adult kids overseas.

That is what has happened to the father of Yashar Zamaneh, after the son participated in Facebook satires called “campaign to remind Shi’ites of Iman Naghi”. 

There is a blogger story by Jannie Schipper, “Only in America: The Facebook sins of the sons: Iran arrests father for son’s Facebook posts”, link here

Apparently, the son believes his going back to Iran will not do his father any good, and would simply get him arrested to.

Totalitarian governments love to make a lot of family loyalty, and to hold people responsible for (or hostage to) what other family members do.

CNN reported the story Saturday and has a detailed story by Ashley Franz here
Apparently, the page suddenly got a lot of traffic in May after a rapper from Iran living in Germany became famous.  The web page makes fun of the idea of superstition in religion and of religious authority.
The son said that Facebook would not take the page down because of its own security policies.  Giving out his own password and access to authorities could put other bloggers and others in Iran in danger he said. 

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