Friday, July 27, 2012

19th International AIDS Conference sponsors "Global Village" exhibit; functional cures for HIV on horizon

While most of the 19th International AIDS Conference (XIX) at the Washington DC Convention Center was open only to registrants, there was a “Global Village” exhibit open to the public, which I visited today as it was closing.

There were plenty of exhibits in the hallway spaces near 8th Street, including one bill billboard on condoms, one equating the price of lipstick cosmetics to AIDS resources in Africa, and some testimonials.

One such personal story concerned a man in an unnamed African country who could not buy a house without insurance, and who could not get insurance of any kind because he was HIV+.

Another exhibit concerned HIV-related tuberculosis for mine workers in South Africa.
That story would provide synergy with world environmental concerns.

The Washington Post, on p. A6, has a story Friday morning by David Brown and Alysa A. Bothelo discussing “functional cures” for HIV (maybe the word is “functionable”) on the horizon. One is the marrow transplant (Timothy Brown); another is waking the latent virus up and attacking it; one is immediate treatment after exposure.  The link is here

There is also another story, on the front page, by Lena H. Sun, “Patients with HIV enter old age”. By 2020, in the US, over half will be 50 or older. 

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