Sunday, June 17, 2012

Egypt: Muslim brotherhood has won election -- maybe, or perhaps not -- like 2000?

CNN wire services reported late Sunday night that in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate Mohaned Morsi had claimed victory in the presidential election today.  But further recounts are needed, and maybe Egypt is headed for something like the US 2000 election. But that might be progress.

Stories on calls to dissolve parliament seem confusing. Since the Brotherhood has won a majority of seats, it would seem to have every reason to keep the body.

Egypt is said not to have a constitution, and it's hard to say how judicial decisions are made.  But, then again, how are they made in Britain?

As so often the case after revolution, it doesn't seem that the people have any more liberty in practice than they did before.  Revolutions can make things worse.

The CNN wire story is here

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