Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chagas disease spreads in Latin America by insect bites, then blood

Chagas disease, a parasitic infection transmitted by insect bites, is getting attention in Latin America.  Infection has a long incubation period and then may be transmitted by blood, and has been compared, somewhat misleadingly, to HIV.  Huffington Post has a story by Andres Jauregui.

The infection can be treated by toxic drugs but only before there are symptoms, which can affect 20% of people.

The Huffington link is here.

PLos Neglected Tropical Diseases has a story here

So far the disease appears only in poverty stricken areas but may have moved into South Texas.   CNN reported on it today. 

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Mark said...

I read this article after I watched a documentary on Chagas on Appreciate for raising awareness