Thursday, March 15, 2012

Israel may strike Iran very soon; is U.S. ready to defend Hormuz?

The Washington Times greeted everyone this morning with brash articles and headlines “Plotting against Iranian nuke sites”, by Rowan Scarborough, link here

The impression left is that an attack from Israel could not come at any time and would last several days.
It’s still unclear as to whether Iran really can close the Strait of Hormuz by sinking ships.  It cannot keep it closed merely by force.  It could make oil companies afraid of undetected mines. 

As I went to a cash register with the paper today in a retail outlet, a female employee said, when she looked at the map in TWT, “that’s my country.” She said that things really are that bad there for women.

In Afghanistan, Karzai has asked that American troops not stay in villages, given the tragedy from that one rogue NCO.

Obama’s re-election likely depends on how well the world comes through these two crises.   

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