Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why is Azerbaijan group advertising a crisis to US audience? (Short film: "The Passenger")

Today, I saw a red banner ad on a Metro bus in the DC area about an crisis in Azerbaijan (with Armenia) that I’ve never heard of.  I couldn’t whip out the camera fast enough for a photo.  Here’s what the International Crisis Group says about it (link).

From the look of the banner, it’s on the scale of the crisis in Tibet with China. 

There is a short film on YouTube (13 min), “The Passenger: Armenia and Azerbaijan Without War” by the Armenia-Azerbaijan Media Bias Project, with no English subtitles, ending with a handshake scene on the border with ordinary citizens.  The countries look modern.

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of local carpet  


I found another such banner when boarding Metro bus in Rosslyn VA Sunday night, "Khojaly, A Human Tragedy Against Azerbaijan",  There is an "Azerbaijan American Alliance", link here (requires enabling scripts and popups).  The website asks for recognition of a tragedy 20 years ago, around 1991.  I certainly would appreciate explanatory comments.

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