Saturday, December 10, 2011

Man sentenced in Thailand for translating, linking to book that "insults monarchy"; "lese majeste" laws

There has been a major story about the conviction of Joe Gordon for “lese majeste” in Thailand, for translating “The King Never Smiles”, with a sentence of 2.5 years.  

There is also the element that he posted links to the book on the web.  In the US, the idea that one could incur legal sanctions merely for providing hyperlinks is controversial at best, and usually isn’t actionable (although some say SOPA could change that).

Thailand’s laws about “insulting the monarchy” are the strictest in the world, comparable to issues with insulting Muhammad in Islamic countries.  Bloggers from the west need to ponder these risks before visiting these countries, should their work be discovered while they are in such countries. 

Here is a Wordpress story.
 Here is the AP story on YouTube:

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