Saturday, December 17, 2011

Iraq: is it over? How will Iraq treat its bloggers?

Finally, the War in Iraq, subject of so many documentaries, and cause of so many devastating war wounds, is over. 
I remember March 19, 2003, being at the Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis for a small independent film screening for IFP.  After the screening, as people went to the bar, the business turned on the TV in the auditorium, just as the “Shock and awe” attack on Baghdad started.  
I can even remember when the first Persian Gulf War started in January 1991, just as I was arriving at a Bally’s Spa for a workout, and it was on their TV’s.  

Already, there are stories about problems on Iraq's borders with its own defense. How will Iraq behave with respect to criticism and blogging?

Later, Saturday, CNN was reporting more local violence in Iraq, such as an attack against a young woman in front of her home when she was the sole support for her family. 
Wikipedia attribution link for picture of ziggurat.
We’re very much left with “Obama’s War” – Afghanistan. 

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