Thursday, November 24, 2011

CNN reports that release of Americans in Egypt seems to be progressing

CNN reports that Egyptian authorities are in the process of releasing three American students, who had been arrested at protests at Tahir Square. The mother of Derrik Sweeney spoke to CNN, but she has not spoken to him. She had said that her son stood up for what he believes in  and that his willingness to travel to protest was consistent for him.

The young people had been accused of throwing gas bottles at police, and they maintained that the bottles belonged to someone else. 

Earlier CNN had reported that a release was expected.  

Jihane Nojaim , who had written the film “The Control Room” about Al-Jazeera, has also been arrested, according to Karim Amer, the Lebanon Daily Star story here .

Generally, when dictators are overthrown, it is very difficult for replacement governments to observe what we expect as democratic values for a long time.  Political revolution that sticks is very difficult.

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