Thursday, November 10, 2011

Charlie Hebdo incident in France sounds a bit like the Danish cartoon controversy

Here’s a pretty subtle story on p A19 of today’s Wall Street Journal, “A French lesson in free speech” by Anne Jolis, link (WSJ may require subscription to read entire article). 

The tall tale concerns the strange career of Charlie Hebdo, who sometime around 2001 took himself off the Web because of the reputation for scoundrels.  Nevertheless, he made a lot of online satire, even with a “Shariah Weekly” edition of his printed leaflet and online paper (link). , which apparently led to an attack on his office in Paris on Nov. 2 (BBC story link).

Yet Bruce Crumley in Time criticized Hebdo for “constantly provoking crises that we don’t need”, and saying Hebdo is “no free speech martyr”,  link 
And here’s a Wordpress posting on the incident, called “Promotheus Unbound”, link

This does sound a lot like the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad Cartoon Controversy.

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