Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mixed reactions in Basque region to ETA declaration to end all violence

The militant group ETA has declared it will abandon violence in its attempt for political autonomy in Spain, but tens of thousands of separatists staged a street rally in Bilbao today, according to the Huffington Post, here.

I visited Bilbao in April 2001 to visit the Guggenheim and stayed in a hotel a few blocks away from ETA but the scene was quiet.  There was a marathon run there that Sunday.  But the city seems strange, a bit like it was on another planet.   The city has street signs in both Spanish and Basque.  I also visited San Sebastian-Donesta on that trip.  Only the latter was reached by train; you take a bus 60 miles through coastal mountains t reach Bilbao. 

An AP story in the Taiwan news, that Spain hails the decision, is here.

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