Friday, August 19, 2011

Zakaria: The US should switch to a parliamentary form of government, like Britain's

Today, on CNN, Fareed Zakaria made a pitch to Ali Velshi (CNN business and finance editor) to the effect that the United States should seriously consider switching to a parliamentary form of government, like Britain. It would then have a prime minister, who controls both the legislature and executive, and guarantees that a government can actually function (even on a matter like deficit reduction, which Britain has been doing heavily).

So where do we start with this one, with another constitutional convention?  (A proofreader once caught me with "constitutional conventional".)

Here is Zakaria's blog posting on the matter.  Zakaria points out that no country with a "presidential system" (compared with parliamentary -- counting France which has both) has a AAA rating from S&P on its sovereign debt.

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