Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Save the Children makes appeal in Somalia famine crisis, which has political complications

The Washington Post, in a story by Mary Beth Sheridan, is reporting that the United States government has to walk a tightrope in funneling aid to victims of the Somalia drought-related famine, to prevent assistance from being controlled through Al Qaeda-related al-Shabab, which collects “taxes” or “tribute”, in a manner that reminds one of early Middle Ages feudalism.

The link is here

The current AP story about pressure from the UN for more money is (website url) here  and it is reproduced this morning in most newspapers.

Save the Children has a link for its own campaign here

Wikipedia attribution link for Ciismanyia alphabet. 

Here is a YouTube video on the emergency drops from STC:

Refugees are spreading into Kenya, waiting in huge crowds for aid.

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