Thursday, August 25, 2011

Britain meets with social media companies on flash mob problem

According to a New York Times story by Ravi Somaiya (link), British officials met with executives of Twitter, Facebook, and RIM (Blackberry) to discuss ways of limiting the use of social media to organize destructive flash mobs.  Twitter is now considering the use of real names (or at least valid nicknames), a practice already controversial with Facebook and Google-Plus. Many Twitter users make up cute handle names almost as personal "trademarks", and these are not deceptive.

Britain will have to walk a tightrope to distinguish itself from authoritarian Middle Eastern governments that tried to restrict social media and Internet access during the Arab Spring, a development partly credited to social media.

Social media users have not always been held to the same standards of conduct in obeying court orders as traditional media.

Saturday, CNN reported that Britain would not take any specific measures now.

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