Monday, June 13, 2011

The Syrian affair: could anonymous speakers make things more dangerous for real people?

More stories appear about the fictitious “gay blogger” from Syria, “Amina Arraf”, who turns out to be a straight man from Georgia, shortly after reporting that “she” had been hauled away by Syrian authorities, ending a blog that had gone on for some years as like an installment novel, maybe a movie.

Monica Hesse as a summary commentary on the Washington Post this evening here

Do anonymous speakers playing games could put real people in danger overseas? Or did straight man Tom MacMaster also has raised the ante for authoritarian governments?  Just why do they fear dissent from people whom they pronounce as weak and inconsequential?  Their own oppression just proves their points.

As a blowback, another imposter blogger has been “exposed” as the editor of Lez Get Real is a heterosexual man from Ohio.  

Anonymity is still a major component of the asymmetry on the web. 

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