Saturday, May 14, 2011

Indonesia, other embassies, hold public open houses today in Washington

A number of embassies in Washington DC held open houses today (Saturday, May 14), and the most conspicuous was the “party” at the Embassy of Indonesia, on Massachusetts Ave., just NW of Dupont Circle. The line was about a block long in the afternoon but moved quickly.

The most interesting part of the brief tour was the concert of angklung players; the public was allowed to try this instrument made from bamboo tubes.  There was a kind of class "music lesson" in playing individual notes on a scale on the instrument (below). 

There was an “office” roped off, with no photography of it allowed, and yet there was absolutely nothing sensitive visible in it.

The “living” room also had a piano and an unusual pipe organ, and a plasma TV with movies of Indonesia. There is also a “grand hall” at the entrance.

I set foot inside the sovereign territory of another embassy in April, that is, France, for a FilmFestDC showing. 

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