Sunday, February 6, 2011

Polls on moderate Muslim views abroad show distrust of US, some paradox with respect to Sharia and constitutional law

Here’s a piece by Dalia Mogahead, Executive Director, the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, link (it seems to date back to 2006). Notice the equivocation in opinions on how to comingle Sharia Law with normal democratic values and human rights.  Sharia is supposed to be the only source of law, but moderate freedom of speech is supposed to be protected.  It does appear that many Muslims would object to excess individualism as undermining the meaning of religious life.

There is also a “World Public Opinion Poll” from April 2007 “Muslim Public Opinion on U.S. Policy, Attacks on Civilians, an Al Qaeda”, link (website url) here. Generally, even moderate Muslims abroad view US interests with a good deal of suspicion, to put it mildly.  For example, 91 percent of Egyptians approve of attacks on US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This is the highest of four Islamic countries surveyed (Morocco, Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia)”. 

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