Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Parents of Amanda Knox indicted for "criminal libel" in Italy

The parents of Amanda Know (convicted of murder in Italy) have been indicted for criminal defamation, for saying that the police in Italy had abused their daughter. AOL had the story early Tuesday here.  The libel charges were filed in Perugia, Italy.

The prosecution comes from an interview the parents gave to the London Times a long time ago, before the conviction.

The story does not say whether the couple could face extradition from the US, but it sounds unlikely. But they could be arrested if they went to Italy or to any country willing to extradite them.

Criminal prosecutions, as opposed to civil lawsuits, for libel would be very unusual in the US.

The link for the story is here

Update: Nov. 24 

I've covered her release on the TV log.  She was released in early October after retrial, UK story here.

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