Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hillary Clinton calls for debate on Internet freedom in authoritarian countries

The Los Angeles Times has the full text of Hillary Clinton’s speech on her call for extended debate on the use of the Internet to oppose authoritarian governmental repression, here

Another story about Hillary’s speech appeared at DMW, here.

But the irony is that her marks occur while the administration considers the need for a possible “pull the plug” capability on the Internet, which would be much more difficult in the US with so many ISP’s, compared to Egypt, which had only 4.

Jon Swartz has a major story on the “kill switch” proposal in USA Today Wednesday here.

It also occurred at the same time that a federal court in Alexandria VA reconsidered the right of the US government to identify people who receive and republish leaked information. Tom Schoenberg has a story on Bloomberg about the "Assange Twitter Account data" problem related to Wikileaks here

The main hooker seems to be that utility companies and government agencies, in attempt to improve customer service, provide potential indirect access from the Web to their infrastructures that attackers could conceivably exploit. The risk had been discussed as long ago as 2002 and in 2007 there was a major attack in Brazil.

Picture: Alexandria federal district court, site of Wikileaks hearing, 

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