Friday, January 28, 2011

Egypt cuts off all Internet, cell access to "ordinary people"; targeting social networks not "enough"; Egypt's Internet very centralized; can it happen here?

The Egyptian government has cut off most Internet and cell phone access to citizens as of late Jan. 27, according to major news sources, such as the Guardian(Charles Arthur, link). This is a much cruder strategy than just blocking specific sites like Facebook and Twitter. But authoritarian regimes may fear TOR and other clever workarounds.  Only the Egyption Noor Group, with access to its stock exchange, seemed to be up.

"Internet Egypt"  was not reachable when I tried it. 

The AP had an interpretation, comparing to China and Iran, and showing the danger of having relatively few centralized providers, on Yahoo! here. It can’t happen in the US, they say. Really?

The curious paradox is that President Mubarak, while running an authoritarian “semi-presidential republic” regime, is relatively moderate on international issues like Israel and that much of his opposition is more radical.
I won’t be seeing the Pyramids immediately.

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Mubarak 

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