Monday, January 24, 2011

All out cyberwar idea pooh-poohed; major incident today at Moscow airport

A story back in 2009 on CBS 60 Minutes, with Jim Lewis and Retired Admiral Mike McConnell, pointed up the concerns over the possibility of “cyberwar”, with intrusions into the power grid and other systems, and widespread corruption of banking systems, by criminal enterprises. The 2009 link on CBS was here.  In 2007, several US government agencies found that several terabytes of data had been lifted, comparable to a major part of the Library of Congress.  And major cyber attacks have affected George, Estonia, and perhaps other former Soviet republics. 

More recently, however, experts have maintained that a risk of cyberwar are not so great as had been thought, as in a NewsTrack India story from London, here. There may be more danger in the long run from space weather, such as coronal mass ejections expected from 2012 to 2014.  This downplay was reported on MSN and AOL last week.

But one of the problems is that proprietary networks and corporate cellular wireless VPN’s, separated from the public Internet as used by most people, are not as immune as we think. One problem is that it is very difficult for government agencies to police the use of USB flash drives and tokens.

Here’s the MSNBC report Monday midday, of a major attack at the Moscow airport, apparently by Islamic extremists, not by Russian mafia.  This story continues to break.

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