Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Russia Now" reports on Russian internal passports; China has an issue, too

A paid supplement Dec 15 in the Washington Post, “Russia Now”, has an article by Darina Shevchemko, “Internal passports: ‘Without registration, you’re a nobody’; No more Mr. Nobody: The government will ease the registration process for Russians whose lives are often hampered by resulting red tape.” The internal passports, separate from regular ones, are left over from the Stalin years but still affect people who have moved to the big cities on their own for work. Online, the supplement pulls up a different article at The Washington Post, “A Traveler’s Road to Enlightenment” by Frederick Bernas, link here.

The insert also has a brief about Leonid Parfyonov “speaking out” for journalists’ freedom.

China also has an issue with internal passports, as shown in this CIA archive video.

Russian relief map attribution link on Wikipedia here.

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