Sunday, November 14, 2010

Arlington VA church has important mission connections to Mexico, Belize

Today, after the Sunday service, the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington VA presented some of its mission plans for 2011, with emphasis on Belize, and on some areas of northern Mexico.

In Belize, there was talk of work on an orphanage and of the infrastructure damage from hurricanes this fall, particularly to communications and the Internet.

In Mexico, there is an effort called the “Frontera de Cristo” in about six cities near the border. The most stable of these cities is Aqua Prieta (“Black Water”), but generally safety of visitors has not been as big a problem as reported in the media. The ministries are varied and include community centers and medical clinics. There is also a coffee business (“Faith journey coffee”) that brings in revenue through connections through a town on the Guatemala border without economic middlemen.

On May 22, 2008 on the drama blog, I covered another mission from a Baptist church in Nicaragua called Nacascolo.

Trinity also has a mural now diagramming the political situation on the West Bank between Palestine and Israel.

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