Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wikileaks releases Iraq War Logs, over Pentagon objections

Okay, here we go: Wikileaks releases the largest classified leak and expose in history, it says. The Iraq War logs comprise 391,832 reports, from 2004-2009. The basic link now is working now The site is up, but very busy, with some timeout errors.

The site is claiming over 100000 deaths in Iraq, including over 66000 civilians, apparently from allied fire.

I’ve been told that the site may be putting more civilians, who gave information to Americans, in jeopardy. I’m told even that bloggers who link to the documents are compromising lives, but I’m also told that the “damage is done.”

Personally, Assange is hard to judge. I won’t try to do that myself. But the motto of the site is “searching for truth” and I am a psychological feminine, I’m told.

The War Logs have a number of categories, starting with “criminal events”, and later “friendly action”.

Here’s a random news account, from the Lubbock, TX paper, Oct. 24 (website url) link.

Update: Oct. 26

The Washington Post has an editorial "Wikileaks's leaks mostly confirm earlier Iraq reporting", link here. The Post believes the leaks could undermine forming and keeping a stable Iraqi government that can stand alone.

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