Monday, September 27, 2010

Masdar is a planned, sustainable city near Abu Dhabi

Nicolai Ourousoff has a front page story in the New York Times, Sunday Sept. 26, “In Arabian Desert, a Sustainable City Rises, Walled and Lofty,” about Masdar, a one mile square planned city 17 Km SE of Abu Dhabi. The city has extremely high density, passive solar heating and wind, very narrow streets and a subway populated by driverless electric cars (rather like some of the Philadelphia subway with its single street cars), as well as a conventional modern subway and elevated Metro. It would make a good setting for sci-fi film.

Occupancy was to begin in late 2010. It's not clear what qualifies someone to live there (other than money). The spirit of the project, modern Arabia, recalls Dubai.

Here is a short film sponsored by the City.

The link is here.  For the “Critics’ Notebook” story. The New York Times also has a reading comprehension quiz on its learning page (teachers, note!) There is another visual tour of Masdar in the article. Many of the pictures seem to be animated.

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