Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Western consumers getting free ride on China's working conditions; bad karma?

Americans and consumers in all western countries have grown accustomed to goods mass-produced in China, and on August 10, the Washington Times ran a big story, “In China, workplace deaths a small cost; productivity tops safety laws”, link here.

China’s statist capitalism (a oxymoron for a People’s Republic coming out of Maoism) still becomes fragmented into a corrupt system involving local governance in provinces and autonomous regions.

China has about 5 million underground coal miners, and about 1 in 1000 die; in the US there are 83000, and about 1 in 10000 die.

The media has often reported the highly regimented nature of Chinese factory work, as well as the living conditions in quarters.

All of this happens in a country that holds so much American debt.

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