Saturday, August 14, 2010

UAE, India demand more right to monitor Blackberry, Skype, etc

Governments overseas are stepping up pressure to be allowed to monitor wireless networks and web traffic, especially given recent flaps with the United Arab Emirates and India.

Research in Motion, a Canadian company providing Blackberry software, is particularly difficult for some countries to monitor because of its design, leading to threats to ban RIM and sometimes other companies out of security concerns.

The most important story was by Miguel Helft Aug. 2, 2010 in the New York Times here

A factor in the UAE situation was a dispute with wireless carrier Etisalat, which UAE suspected of planting spyware on some devices. UAE wanted Blackberry to allow it a back door to watch wireless carriers and certificate authorities (see Internet Safety Blog Aug. 14).

Erika Kinetz has an AP story about India’s threat to shut down Blackberry services on Aug 31 and its battles with Google and Skype over the need to monitor traffic, here

Governments are saying that the open design of the Internet, especially wireless and mobile, as well as the possibility of steganography, makes it easier for the bad guys, terrorists, to misuse than for people to use properly.

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