Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The flood in Pakistan

20% of the land area of Pakistan is under water, much of it in the northwest along the Indus river, so this is apparently not a sea level issue. It’s hard to imagine how this could happen, as news reports have generally focused on much of Pakistan being mountainous.

CNN has a gallery of particularly startling pictures here.

The poverty of much of this country is quite striking. Yet for years (going well back into the 1980s), long before people were concerned about radical Islam, technically skilled people from Pakistan have moved to Canada and the US and worked in information technology.

However on Aug. 17 ABC Nightline was describing “missions of mercy” in a “Taliban stronghold.”

We’ve only begun to imagine the political ramifications of global warming.

Wikipedia has a NASA photo of the Indus valley, comparing 2009 to summer 2010, with a detailed text explanation, here.

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