Sunday, August 1, 2010

DC area "gay" publication interviews man from Uganda seeking asylum; cultural problems are explained

The July 29, 2010 issue of the Metro Weekly has an important inverview (p. 24) with Kushaba Moses Mworeko, who had left Uganda to seek political asylum in the United States, and now lives in limbo. The interview is conducted by Will O’Bryan, with photography by Todd Franson. The link is here

The interview gives a good perspective on the cultural perspective in sub-Saharan Africa contributing to ferocious anti-gay attitudes, as well as susceptibility to extreme religious ideology and sometimes terrorism.

Moses says, “Africans, in general, have their own culture. If you are gay, not having kids, what is going to happen to you? When you die, you are dead. What happens to the family? It’s dead”. That quote is put into a panel.

The oldest boy is looked at the person who will continue the family. In some tribal areas, if a boy has no sons by a wife, he is encouraged to take a second wife to have a male heir.

The oldest child is also expected to help raise the siblings, particularly an issue in Africa where so many parents are lost to AIDS.

Wikipedia attribution link for Uganda map.

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