Wednesday, August 18, 2010

China's schizophrenia continues!

Keith B. Richburg, Washington Post foreign correspondent in Beijing, reported Tuesday “Knowing cultural value of virginity, Chinese women try surgical restoration”, link here. Perhaps that’s an odd conflagration of Confucian values in “The People’s Republic of Capitalism”. In the US, soap operas (like “Days of our Lives”) refer it with some degree of brutality.

But yesterday Bill Gertz reported in The Washington Times, “China targets U.S. troops with arms buildup; Pentagon cites ‘anti-access’ missiles in report”, link here .

The range of missiles would reach to the Middle East and probably past Australia.

All of this reminds me that in April 2001, in the early days of the Bush administration, well before 9/11 symptoms appeared, there was a confrontation over China and Taiwan that for a few days created quite a bit of fear.

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