Monday, July 26, 2010

Wikileaks at the center of controversy (90000 military records about Afghanistan; prosceution of Manning); Is Wikileaks down right now?

Wikileaks continues to be controversial, to say the least.

There is a big story (on “BoingBoing”) about the charging Bradley E. Manning for the “Collateral Murder” video from Iraq discussed and presented April 7 on my “major challenges to freedom” blog. The article contains a detailed photo of the charging documents.

Salon has an angry post “Rules of America’s Rule of Law” by Glenn Greenwald here 

Then on July 25 about 90000 military records were posted on Wikileaks, and the White House says that such postings put American GI’s in Afghanistan(in “Restrepo” conditions) at risk, as well as the outcome of pacification, as in an MSNBC story this morning, link (website url) here. The leaks apparently reported Afghan civilian killings.

When I just tried it at around 11 AM EDT Monday morning, Wikileaks was not working. It seemed to be offline rather than just timing out, from the diagnostics I got from Windows Vista.

Wikileaks is not related to Wikipedia ( source: NBC4).

Update: later Monday:

Wikileaks is up, and this seems to be the best reference to the documents, here.

Daniel Ellsberg appeared on Larry King Live on CNN and compared the Afghanistan (and earlier Iraq "Collateral Murder" video) leak to "The Pentagon Papers."

Update: July 31

MSNBC has a story "Report: Wikileaks suspect blasted Army, society on Facebook; Army broadens inquiry into disclosure of classified materials", link here.

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