Monday, July 19, 2010

Sweden to ban home schooling; Taiwan still fears bully China

According to Michah Elseth of the Washington Times today Monday July 16, “Home school ban in Sweden forces families to mull leaving”, link here.

Some were considering emigrating to the UK, maybe even to the US. But in Sweden home schooling is typically not connected to religious motives.

Sweden will ban home schooling starting July 2011. The country claims that the state-run public system is good enough for everybody.

I met a home schooled kid at a state fair in Minnesota in 1998 and he helped us (the Libertarian Party) with ballet access petitioning. The teen got more signatures than anyone I ever saw.

The Washington Times, in a story by Benjamin Birnbaum, also reported that Taiwan war-gamed (by computer) an attack from China, a situation reminiscent of some tensions in the first months of 2001 under Bush, well before 9/11.

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