Friday, July 30, 2010

Population Reference Bureau points out contradictions in world population outlook

Page 6 of the Friday July 30 New York Times has a summary story on worldwide population demographics, by Sam Roberts, “As population keeps rising, effects vary by region’ the young man be a ‘demographic dividend’ in places”, link here.  The online title is “Population research presents sobering prognosis”.

Wordlwide, 267 babies are born every day, and 108 die daily, so world population will top 7 billion in 2011. But in many developed countries, the number of working adults supporting the retired and elderly keeps decreasing proportionally.

There is more discussion at the site of the Population Reference Bureau, and its 2010 World Population Data Sheet, here.

The right wing often points out that high income people in developed countries have a political and social obligation to have more children, to offset the “political dangers” of depending on immigration, to do the society’s “grunt work” as well as bear the risk of massive child rearing. Tuesday, on my main blog, I discussed the concept of some on the right wing that the “atomization” of society and loss of interdependence coming with smaller families within the wealthier can lead to an unsustainable sort of freedom.

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