Thursday, June 3, 2010

Iran increasing "morality patrols" on the female veil; "our Islamic system is like a ship!"

The Washington Post has a major article by Thomas Erdbrink on p A7 on Thursday June 3, “In Iran, the return of morality patrols: As anniversary of disputed election nears, hard-liners call veiling a ‘security issue’”. That would cut both ways. But the online title of the piece is “Iranian authorities step up arrests of women for ‘immodest’ dress”, link here.

The interesting metaphor in the article was a quote from a female Islamic seminary student “They are trampling on social boundaries… Violence is not good, but they should be punished… Our Islamic system is like a ship; we can’t allow some passengers to make holes in the hull”.

Indeed, while this facet of Islamic law is supposed to protect female purity and prevent men from looking at women as sex objects, it also connects to anti-gay values. It seems as if the Islamic system is a collective one where people find satisfaction in knowing that everyone else must conform to the same strict rules.

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