Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Democratic capitalism v. state capitalism: in China, the "hukou" system forces peasants to register if they move to cities

David Brooks as an op-ed in the New York Times today (June 15) named “The Larger Struggle” (link here) where he starts with the struggle between “market fundamentalism” and regulation in western democracy, and a parallel struggle between “democratic capitalism” and “state capitalism”, embraced by countries now as varied as Saudi Arabia and China (and Russia). China indeed has a “communist” social ideology mixed with a capitalist economic “system”, a supposed “free market cultural revolution” which is not really free market.

On p 26 of the May 8-14 issue of “The Economist”, the editors give us “Migration in China: Invisible and heavy shackles”. I didn’t know that Chinese people from the countryside still had to “register” to live in the cities, with a system called hukou. The link is here. The story starts in the inland city of Chongqing. Remember Ted Koppel’s “People’s Republic of Capitalism”?

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