Saturday, May 22, 2010

Taliban warps "family values" in a horrifying way in Afghanistan

Joshua Partlow has a horrifying story about civilian life in Kandahar and many parts of Afghanistan, “A city of hunters and hunted: a grisly Taliban campaign in Kandahar targets those who support U.S. efforts,” on the front page of the Washington Post, March 22, here.

The story reports about the targeting of family members (including parents and siblings) of people who work for the legitimate government or for security forces in the area. The activity sounds a lot like the drug cartel activity in border towns with Mexico. But some of the activity may relate to old family or tribal grudges.

The whole problem sounds like a warping of “family values” (or of the “natural family” concept) where “family honor” becomes and end in itself that men live for.

Remember, the "Taliban" has been implicated in the Faisal Shahzad incident, although that was supposedly the Pakistani Taliban.

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