Thursday, May 20, 2010

North Korea threatens war as submarine incident heats up; Pakistan bans some social media

John Sudworth has a story on BBC news “How South Korean ship was sunk”. The reporter writes “But for now, one thing seems to be beyond reasonable doubt, the Cheonan was sunk by North Korea, and South Korea has the evidence to prove it.” The link is here.

There are theories that North Korea is retaliating for earlier incidents, but on Thursday morning (May 20), North Korea was reported to be threatening all out war with South Korea, if South Korea retaliates.

During the Clinton years, the possibility of a second Korean War was one of the most important security issues, as it would have demanded many more troops than had the 1991 Persian Gulf War and lasted much longer, renewing the debate on the draft. At the time, the threat of radical Islam and Al Qaeda may not have been as prominent in national security thinking (despite the incidents in 1998). That was indeed how I thought during the time I was writing my first DADT book.

CNN’s video follows:

Also today, Pakistan is reported to have banned both Facebook and YouTube in the country, because of “insults” to Mohammed and unrest. That’s the kind of thinking that drives a more authoritarian society: don’t accept the generation of threats. See how well that holds up.

Wikipedia attribution link for NASA image of Korean peninsula.

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