Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mexican cartels vicious with hit-style reprisals in border towns (Juarez)

The drug cartel situation in Mexico, especially in the border towns (especially Juarez), as reported in the past especially by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, has become even more critical, according to a particularly shocking story on Wednesday December 23 in the Wall Street Journal by Jose de Cordoba and David Luhnow. The story refers to reprisals against family members (not just children) of police officers and members of the military in Mexico, link here.

A relevant film is “Bordertown” (ThinkFilm), reviewed in my movies blog March 2009.

William Booth and Stephen Fainaru have a similar story in the Sunday Dec. 27 Washington Post, “Mexico weights options as lawlessness continues to grip Ciudad Juarez”, link here, in a series called "Mexico at War".

Wikipedia attribution link for public domain picture of Rio Bravo, Juarez.

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